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Good morning ladies and gentleman,
Good morning Mr. willem beribe,
first of all, i would like to thanks to you all, because today I’ve got a big chance to bring my oration about the celebration of Christmas in kupang city.
We all know that Christmas is a day that waiting for us, especially for Christians and Catholics. Where the Christians believe that day is the day when Jesus was born on earth to save mankind from wickedness. However, in this cheerful day, not only Christians who rejoice, but also people of other faiths participated enliven the Christmas holidays. What a forward day according to me.

Ladies and gentleman,
Surely this happy Day, each of us celebrate in a different way. As there is a vacation to her parents' house, and others. However, not only for each person, but sometimes certain areas have certain characteristics in the tone the Christmas looked forward to this.
Therefore, at my speech, I will tell you about the celebrations Christmas in the Kupang city.
Let’s start with midnight praying with family.
1. Midnight praying with family.
This celebration is something that the most eagerly awaited by everyone, especially me. Because at this time all the family members gathered together, from the young till the adult, all gathered at home. Shortly before the prayer begins, all family members were telling each other about the plans Christmas greeting. However, promptly at 12 am, all family members paused for evening prayers begin with. Reflections usually led by the head of the family and hymns sung by the children. It's reassuring atmosphere. After the prayer was over, each family member to congratulate each other Christmas.

The next celebration was no less festive is midnight motorcycle Convoy.

2. Midnight Convoy motorcycle.
This highly awaited celebration of young people. They began to form large groups such as gangs of young people with exhaust racing motor. Actually this is forbidden by the police, for disturbing the public convenience, but the police allowed this motor Convoy only lasted until 12 o'clock that night. If there's still hanging around the motor, then the police will discipline it.
I ever once followed this motor Convoy with friends on Christmas in 2007. The situation is very crowded. I could meet with old friends. Really exciting.
While many are caught by the police for breaking the rules, This celebration is still there from year to year.

The last most colorful is lit the fireworks.

3. Lit the fireworks.
I think this is a the most interesting celebration. Before Christmas, the children and adults have bought fireworks with various types. There is a form of rockets, butterflies, bees, corn, stem and jars. Children usually buy the small fireworks, such as butterflies, bees and corn because in addition to a smaller form, the sound is also small so as not to endanger. Unlike with adults, they buy fireworks with a huge sound. On Christmas night in 2009, my brother and I went to buy fireworks with various types. There was a rocket-shaped, and rod-shaped. We played in front of the house and sit and watch the flashing lights from the fireworks. Very exciting. Although there are too much money that taken out, but there is happiness for the purchaser. How wonderful Christmas.

Ladies and Gentleman,

I think this is a beautiful experience for me in my city, and according to me, and exactly we have an another experience that very impressed to us. Therefore, let us look forward to a peaceful Christmas in this year with the joyful heart and with new scenery and more memorable.
That’s all, thank you.

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