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Good morning Ladies and Gentleman, good morning Mr. Willem Beribe . Thanks for the chance given to me. Now, I would like to bring my oration about problems of ecosystem.
Ladies and Gentleman,
As we know that in earth, there are many ecosystem as the habitat of many animals. Such as reef ecosystem as small fish ecosystem and etc. But now, the condition of many ecosystem is damage because of many things. Therefore, at my speech, I want to explain a few about the problems at some ecosystems, such as reef ecosystem, mangrove forest ecosystem, and sea grass ecosystem.
1. Coral reef ecosystems
coral reef ecosystems are environmental rather shallow waters, such as the exposure group of continents and islands in the waters tropic. To reached maximum growth, coral reefs need clean and warm temperatures waters, a large wave movements, and smooth circulation of water that also protected from sedimentation process.
therefore, the ecosystem of coral reefs with the biota are very sensitive to many things, such as (1) the flow of excess fresh water that can reduce the value of water salinity, (2) temperatures are extreme, that is the temperature is outside the normal temperature of coral reefs, (3 ) damage to coral reefs, such as that caused by cyclones storms and boat anchor.

reef mining activity may cause increased coastal erosion and other damage to the other shore. this is caused by the coral reefs loss the function as wave resist. mining of coral reefs is the greatest threat to aquatic resources because it growth slow. So that it can be categorized as a non-renewable resources.
2. Mangrove forest ecosystem
mangroves can grow and develop in the maximum conditions where the occurs flooding and surface water circulation that impacted by replacement and sediment exchange that remain and remain anymore. Permanent circulation increasing the supply of oxygen and nutrients, to respiration and production by plants. waters with low salinity will eliminate salts, because the water containing salt can neutralize soil acidity.
in general, mangrove forests and mangrove ecosystem is resilient to various disturbances and environmental stress. however, the mangrove is very sensitive with sedimentation, the average high water level, and oil spills. These circumstances causing the content of oxygen is lower quickly to the needs of respiration, and causing the death of mangroves.
Other activities that can cause damage to mangrove forests is making fishponds for aquaculture. with the existence of these activities, the mangrove forests will be cut and the area used for embankment. this can result erosion in the shallow water areas so that the coastal region is very pressed.

3. Sea grass ecosystem
basic requirement sea grass habitat are shallow waters, has a soft substrates and clean waters. Another requirement is the presence of water circulation that brings food and the substrate and remove metabolic waste.

The main issues that affecting the development of sea grass ecosystems in the world is the destruction of sea grass that impacted by the water pollution, waste disposal, including the production of salt from this waste oil disposal . due to this waste disposal, various types of sea grass species extinct. other than that due to port development that causes pressed of sea grass ecosystems, as happened in the bay of banten which has reduced the area of sea grass covering 25 hectares.

Ladies and Gentleman,
I think we can imagine what would happen if we were still doing the same thing that can damage the ecosystem on this earth. Therefore, in the end of my speech I want to invite all of us to preserve existing ecosystems on earth. because of we too, many ecosystem began to decline, so many animals became extinct. so, keep and preserve ecosystems that still exist, because the ecosystem is the heart of the earth.
That’s all. Thank you.

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